Tin Fish Of The Week

Here you’ll find our weekly selection of something interesting we recommend seeking out! This could be because it’s an old favorite, it’s new to The States or to us, or really anything that’s exciting us about it. New Tin Fish Of The Week drops every Wednesday. Some of the links below may provide me with a kickback in the form of cash or sponsorship. If you choose to purchase from one of my links, thank you! Your support keeps us able to continue creating content for our community.

Week 1: Fish Wife x Fly By Jing Collab

Kicking off our new series, I went with a can I think is a great starting point for most tin fish beginners. Fish Wife x Fly By Jing Collab features high quality salmon in a familiar and flavor packed sauce. Wary of spice? Never fear! This can has a very mild spice level but is jam packed with flavor.

Week 3: Smiling Fish Fried Baby Clams

Week three features something a little different from our usual recommendations and is geared towards those looking to try some exciting flavors: thai fried baby clams! A little sweet, a little spicy, a little tangy – recommend trying on some bread with a little avocado. Delicious!

Week 6: Olasagasti Fried Anchovies and Garlic

These anchovies have been stuck on my mind since we had them for date night. I have already re-ordered more tins so we never run out! We have Spain to thank for this perfect, unique and tasty introduction to how incredible tinned Anchovies can be.

Week 7: Tiny Fish Co Octopus

A frequently requested item is this week’s Tin Fish of The Week: Octopus! If you’re one of the many asking for an Octopus recommendation or are just looking to try something new – this tin is for you! Sara is the yogurt queen and tiny fish lover from Top Chef turned tiny fish cannery. This tin is tender with a light lemon dill flavor. Delicious!

Week 9: Fangst Blue Mussels

My current number one favorite tin is this beauty. Fangst Blue Mussels. This type of mussel is found in Denmark. They grow slow in the cold water and develop a sweet richness. The mussels are small and bursting with flavor.

Week 12: Mystery Tin!

This week’s tin is… a mystery! Click here to get your mystery tin, hand selected by me – completely with a Tin Fish Date Night gift card all for $15!

Week 13: Siesta Co Pickled Mussels

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of questions about mussels texture and if there are tins to buy with a more approachable one. I chose the Siesta Co Pickled Mussels tin for TFOTW as this hits all the marks. It’s got a delicious pickled flavor, small sweet mussels and the texture is some of the best/least crumbly ones I’ve found. Use code Ali10 for 10% off.

Week 2: Mussels With Sweet Kombu

Everyone always wants to know what our favorite tin fish is. Well, it changes all the time but our current favorite is this unique beauty. Don’t be wary of the word ‘sweet’ in the title, it’s not at all sugary. It’s sweet in a meaty – umami – savory kind of way. The kombu seaweed brings a level to this that pushes it beyond what you normally see in tin mussels. I honestly think I prefer this to most fresh mussels.

Week 4: Nuri Sardines

A forever favorite combo for us is sourdough, manchego & sardines and Nuri brand is the perfect Portugal tin fish experience to start with. Consistent and delicious, we open this tin again and again.

Week 5: Spiced Mackerel Pâté

One of our first favorites and a proven perfected brand: José Gourmet Spiced Mackerel Pâté. This spread is easy to eat and pair. A perfect match for some delicious bread, wines, cheeses and fresh fruit. Just writing this is making my mouth water.

Week 8: Scout Canning Smoked Albacore Tuna

This is a tinned Albacore Tuna unlike any other. The smoking process makes the tuna itself juicy and rich in flavor making it the perfect snacking tin or delicious as an addition to any recipe like flaked on top of your favorite winter salad or just enjoyed with crackers between meals. If you like tinned tuna, this one is a must try.

Week 11: Wild Planet Sardines in EVOO

Wild Planet’s main focus is sustainability. A goal I can get behind. That’s the good news. The great news is not only is their product sustainable, it’s delicious and accessible. Wild Planet Sardines are a must try for any TFDN.

Week 14: ABC+ Aglio E Olio

Since I opened my first tin from the new ABC+ line I have been obsessed. There has not been a version I haven’t liked yet. It is an extreme rarity to find a white sauce fish tin and this one shines with perfect little tender mackerel bursts of flavor. A standout on it’s own, or with a sourdough to sop up all the sauce but I can also see this being incredible over a white pasta. This tin is a must try.

Week 14: Coming Soon!

Check back on May 31st…

I may accept a small kickback in the form of cash or sponsorships from purchases made via some of these links. Your purchases make it possible to continue to fund my content for our community. Thank You!