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Boneless Tin Fish Round Up

Wanting to try tin fish for the first time but are horrified of the bones? Or maybe you already know you love tin fish and want to explore more but prefer to eat boneless. Never fear! There are a ton of options out there for you. The way I see it you have various categories…

Tin Fish Links

You always want to know where you can find the elusive tins that we post about. I do my best to provide links but know it can be quite confusing to navigate. So here it is… our ‘One Stop Shop’ to all things tin fish. Some are links direct to products while others are sites…

Lobster Chowder

I have been craving a delicious Fall chowder since it was still blazing hot and dead of summer. With the cool mornings finally breaking in – Fall is here! I could not break out our big pot and these tins of Scout Canning Lobster fast enough.