November 10, 2022

Holiday Gift Guides

If there’s one thing I really love, it’s gift giving. If we believe in love languages, gifts is absolutely mine. That and cooking food for loved ones. It’s a big part of the reason the holidays fill me with so much joy; I finally get to make use of my running notes in my phone of various perfect gift ideas for the people in my life that I collect all year long. This year, I’m going to share my joy of gifting with you all – via gift guides!

Gift Guide: For The Tin Fish Lover

  1. Tin Fish Date Night Gift Box curated by my, featuring artwork from the very talented Sara Larsen. This puppy won’t be available much longer and is the perfect selection of fish to gift, if I do say so myself. Each tin featured is a very favorite of mine.
  2. Fishwife Beach Mermaid Hat this cutie is my current favorite hat in my closet.
  3. Hot Girls Eat Tinned Fish Long Sleeve Tee I mean, the shirt says it all.
  4. Fishwife Holiday Trio gift box
  5. Tiny Fish Co Fish Friends Shorts how could you pass up this opportunity to gift a fish friend?
  6. These Sardine Ornament and Caviar Ornament will absolutely be on my tree
  7. This Holiday Bundle by Scout Canning is a serious steal. It comes with a board, all the tools AND some delicious tins perfect for a Tin Fish Date Night.
  8. I have long loved Miir tumblers, their ability to keep drinks hot is uncanny. But this Patagonia Provisions version covered in small fish is my newest favorite.
  9. Of course it wouldn’t be a gift guide for Tin Fish Lovers without some Tin Fish. I love these Jose Gourmet & Nuri Gift Boxes.
  10. The Anchovy Bar Tote this adorable tote bag is sold by a favorite restaurant of ours in SF with a heavy focus on small fish.

Gift Guide: For The Foodie

  1. I said it once, I’ll say it again. Definitely don’t miss out on my Tin Fish Date Night Gift Box before it’s gone.
  2. If you’re looking for a big ticket item for the loved one in your life, look no further than a Le Creuset. A perfect piece of kitchen equipment, not to mention stunning.
  3. If you’re among the many wondering what kind of chef’s knife to gift a loved one, this Misono UX10 is perfect. It’s user friendly and a beautiful piece of swedish steel in a japanese knife.
  4. The perfect gift for a baker in your life, Advent Festive German Bakes To Celebrate The Coming Of Christmas is one of my favorite holiday cookbooks in my collection.
  5. Nothing says holidays quite like a festive food ornament like this hot dog or this avocado toast
  6. Eat Me oversized sweater … need I say more?

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